Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's "Fashion Rocks" Fashion Show 

HOUSTON TEXAS: I'm so excited to be coming to Houston, Texas to host the very special Macy's "Fashion Rocks" Fashion Show at the Galleria Houston THIS SATURDAY October 25th...
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Oscar de la Renta Final Runway Bow: Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014 Collection, NY Fashion Week September 9, 2014

I was very sad yesterday to hear of the passing of Fashion Design Icon--or as Fern Mallis described him as "The Sultan of Suave", Oscar de la Renta. As a young boy growing up in Caracas Venezuela dreaming to be a fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta was one of my IDOLS. Not only did I love and admire de la Renta's beautiful so-Lady Like designs, but he was LATINO. And this was especially nice to a young half-Latino boy who didn't see many other Latino fashion designers out there to "look up to".

This continued once I moved with my family to the United States and the San Francisco Bay Area. My mom--always supportive of my dream--found out one year that Oscar de la Renta would be making an appearance at San Francisco I. Magnin Union Square and she dragged me (kicking and screaming!--Not!) to get to meet him. And I did.  There's a photo of that somewhere. I'm sure it's in one of my mom's many "photo album" storage boxes. Meeting him that day was EVERYTHING to me.
Saturday, October 18, 2014
Project Runway Finalist (and Tim Gunn) Tour the sights of Rome, Italy

On this week's episode of Project Runway...the Final 4 Designers go to Rome, Italy; get home visits from Tim Gunn; return to NYC and preview their collections to the judges... ALL IN ONE EPISODE! In other words, A LOT goes on, yet very little actually happens. Let's review....

Moments after finding out that they have made it to New York Fashion Week, the designers get a visit from Heidi, Tim and....
Thursday, October 16, 2014
 Travel Style Correspondent: Nick Verreos at Best Western Herald Square NYC

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of flying to NYC to film some fun and very special "Stylish Travel Tips with Nick Verreos" video segments for Best Western in advance of tonight's Season 13 "Project Runway" Finale Part 1 Episode. The top four designers get to go to ROME, ITALY (!) and stay at the fabulous Best Western Premier Hotel Rome.

I had the fun honor of filming these fun segments at the Best Western Herald Square NYC Hotel. I approached unsuspecting travelers who were staying at the hotel and asked them if I could look into their suitcases.
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
 Nick Rocks: Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's Beverly Center West Hollywood/Los Angeles CA "Fashion Rocks" in-store event

This past Saturday, I had the honor of hosting a very special In-Store "Fashion Rocks" fashion show at Macy's Beverly Center West Hollywood/Los Angeles...

Macy's Beverly Center, West Hollywood/Los Angeles CA "Fashion Rocks"

The show featured a runway show of  Fall 2014 latest styles from Macy's, as well as food (candy goodies!), a DJ, plus much, much more:
Monday, October 13, 2014
La Mas Bella: Mariana Jimenez, "Miss Venezuela 2014"--Miss Venezuela 2014 Finals

This past Thursday, the 62nd annual "Miss Venezuela" pageant took place. For years, it had been at the massive Poliedro de Caracas--the Caracas Polyhedron Arena--which can seat up to 20,000 (it had also been held in other venues, but this was the pageant's usual "home"). But (according to rumor) as a result of tough economic times in the country, this year's beauty pageant was downsized to the much, much, much smaller Estudio 1 of Venevision--one of Venezuela's largest TV networks.

There was a lot of speculation before the pageant aired whether or not the contestants would even have enough makeup to wear since many international news outlets were announcing the fact that good makeup was a difficult find in Venezuela (times are a tough there darlings--well, at least for the lower-and-middle classes). But yes, the pageant organizers found enough makeup, hair spray and Couture-worthy fabric to create gowns--and as they say..."The Show Must Go On!".
Saturday, October 11, 2014
 Lexus Challenge: Tim Gunn announces the "Lexus Challenge"--Episode 12 "Project Runway"

This past week on Lifetime's "Project Runway"--it was the "Lexus Challenge" where the remaining five designers had to Create a Street Chic Look Inspired by New York City. Tim gave the designers a "Wake Up Call" (well, actually, the camera-people did, since if you watch the episode--they were there before Tim!)....

Rooftop View: Tim Gunn  and Brian Bolain of Lexus, announcing the challenge--Episode 123 "Project Runway"

Anyhow, Tim and Lexus Corporate General Manager, Brian Bolain (I remember him when he "handed" Oscar Lopez and I keys to our "winning" Lexus cars and we posed with him for photo-op's after we won "Project Runway: Under The Gunn") joined the designers on the rooftop.

Lexus Bound: The designers got the privilege of being driven around in new Lexus automobiles around NYC to help get photos of their inspiration.

Whose Dress Is That? After the designers got their first challenge--they soon find out that there is another: create a "Winning Look" out of an "Auf'ed" losing look. Incidentally: notice that I caught a screen cap which wrongly labeled Samantha Plasencia's strapless blue dress as being designer Mitchell Perry's. #Ooops

The designers chose and wouldn't you know it, Miss Char picked Korina's design...after Mood fabric shopping, Char found out that by choosing her design, she would have Korina as her "helper"...Miss Meany McMeany was NOT HAPPY:

Sour Faced and Crossed Arms: designer Korina Emmerich not having any of it--Episode 12 "Project Runway"

Adios: Korina walks off of the show and Tim digs deep into the "Where Are We Holding Our Eliminated Designers' Hotel?" and finds Alexander Knox (poor thang!)...

Reluctantly (his face speaks VOLUMES--he really has no choice), Alexander Knox returns to help Char--Episode 12 "Project Runway"

Fringed Bias: Sean Kelly shows his fringed Pepto Bismol jacket to Tim Gunn and naturally, he has nothing to say...(If Char had shown the same jacket, Tim Gunn would have had a FIELD DAY!!! #JustSaying)

Runway Day:
Judges included Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum and "Guest Judge" actress Shay Mitchell from "Pretty Little Liars"--Episode 12 "Project Runway"

The Top Looks:
Amanda Valentine: the "Street Chic" look (maxi dress top, above) was fabulous--so "Trust Funder at a VIP "Dream Hotel" pool party. Her second "Reworked" look was Hoochie-Tacky. And what is with those stacked wedge heels????Ayyy Dios Mio!

Kini Zamora: Kini was deemed one of the best of the night. His trench coat look was NYC Uptown Chic (sans that ruffled skirt) and that one shoulder red was EVERYTHING!!! Sooo red carpet fab!

Sean Kelly: For his first "Street Chic" look, the judges GUSHED and called him a "Genius". I did not agree with those comments (you can read that HERE). And, on top of that, his "Reworked" look was George Michael "Faith"/ABBA: The Musical" bad tacky. But alas, the judges--and Tim--think Sean is the "second coming of "Fashion Christ". Go figure.

The Bottom:
Char Glover: Char created two looks that were not liked by the judges. While I loved the pink color of the skirt, it was a bit disjointed in its design and a bit tacky-licious--especially with that printed crop top. The black sheath dress was BORING. Especially knowing how much fabric she had to work with (in Korina's "Caped Helsinki/Machu Picchu look). But she was SAFE.

Emily Payne: Emily's Hoodie-and-pajama look and one shoulder re-worked dress were deemed the worst and she was OUT...Not surprisingly.

Click Below to READ my RECAP of this past week's "Project Runway" Episode...

Season 13, Episode 12: Sidewalk Catwalk

On last week’s “Project Runway," Char and Korina were in the bottom and there was a Sew Off. Char was safe, and Korina ended her time on PR with a very unsportsmanlike “Goodbye." Now, it’s a new week and new challenge, and this one will decide who gets to move on to show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The stakes are high for sure, so let’s recap who rose up to the challenge -- or, as we found out, challenges.
Tim arrives at the Gotham Apartments to give the designers a wake up call. I giggled a little bit when he said “So this is how you all live?” when entering their apartments. Yes, Tim, they sleep next to the kitchen. Tim gathers the designers on the rooftop to take in the spectacular view and discuss how many New Yorkers use the sidewalk as their own personal catwalk. Perfect segue to announce the next challenge. The Lexus Challenge is to create a street chic look inspired by NYC. They will get two days to do it. He adds that it should be something that can be worn every day, be fashionable, and be progressive (read: not tired, dated and tacky).
Joining Tim in announcing the challenge is Brian Bolain, Corporate General Manager for Lexus. Bolain tells the designers that they will get to drive around NYC in Lexus automobiles for their NYC Street Style Tour. I have to say that I have been to New York City many times and one of the things that I love about it is seeing the diversity of its “sidewalk style” and people-watching. You’ll see skinny-jean and vintage t-shirt hipsters with long beards, Chanel-suited ladies-who-lunch, and Indian women in brightly colored saris -- and that’s just in one block!
Post-tour and Mood shopping, the designers are working on their creations. At the end of Day One, they are...
CLICK HERE to read the  rest of my RECAP on 
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